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Career Coaching
In career coaching, I support employees and the self-employed with their concerns about work and careers.

What does career mean to you?

You find it difficult to answer because your view of it has changed?

Everyone goes through a wide variety of phases and issues in life, so you can ask yourself whether the goals you set years ago are still the right ones! Because beliefs that we unconsciously repeat to ourselves often block our view of our true desires, needs and talents. It's hard to admit that the career path you've chosen might not be the one you want to follow until you retire. 

Big changes and radical cuts make you afraid and so you keep suppressing your dissatisfaction? What remains is the feeling that there has to be more...  Less pressure and responsibility? More space for the "other" areas in life? Or more success and recognition? Finally being seen and encouraged as a person with potential?

No matter how big the change is in the end, small but steady steps in the right direction are the way to start the journey. That's exactly what I want to support you with!

Career for your personality

Whether before you start your career or as an experienced professional, I will help you plan your career development. We look at your experiences, values and strengths so that you can define your potential and areas for development. You become aware of your goals and can tackle the next steps.

Job and Family

Today, the desire for equal rights for spouses in terms of career and education is much more pronounced than it was five years ago. At the same time, many companies cannot yet conform to this model. Would you like to advance your own career, but at the same time have enough time for your family? A balancing act that is often accompanied by enormous pressure. In coaching we clarify which strategy corresponds to your individual ideas of balance. 


The employer's job requirements can often not be reconciled with the individual life situation or personal ideas. Do you wish for a better work-life balance? Many people feel the need to step back a little, but stumble with the implementation. In coaching, we develop a strategy that is individually tailored to you.


Are you leaving your employer and are you being provided with outplacement advice? Is your goal that you find a new and above all coherent employment relationship? There are different options depending on where you are in life. I would be happy to advise and accompany you on your way. 

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