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Leadership Coaching
In business coaching, I work with executives from all hierarchical levels on topics related to leadership, team and work organization.

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge."  Simon Sinek

Leadership is a simple word. And yet it represents a complex subject. At the end of the day, nothing frustrates and demotivates employees more than "poor" leadership. The consequences are visible in the performance of individuals, teams or even the entire company and can have serious consequences. Practicing "good leadership" should therefore be extremely important to every manager. But what exactly is "good leadership"? And how do you put it into practice?

If you are willing to look openly at yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, we can work out your individual leadership qualities in a coaching session. Your personality determines your style and authenticity. Your behaviour, when dealing with your employees, is derived from this and this is the decisive factor in whether you manage to make them trust you and make them feel recognized and encouraged. Because "good" leadership, from the point of view of those being led, has lot to do with "wanting to follow" and you have to earn this "wanting" as a manager. 

Would you like to work on your leadership style and become even more aware of your strengths? In coaching, we work on your individual topics so that you can effectively implement the resulting recommendations for action.

Preparing for an upcoming leadership role

Are you unsure whether your skills match the requirements of the position and/or would you like to improve your leadership skills? In coaching, I work with you on the right basic attitude and on your individual challenges, so that you can approach your project strengthened and well prepared. 

The tense relationship with the superior or colleagues

Employees often suffer from a strained relationship with their superior or colleagues. Common causes are different values, a lack of leadership or problems in communication. Would you like to interact better with one another so that you can go to work motivated and satisfied again? In coaching, we examine your individual situation and develop concrete options for action that are available to you when dealing with your boss/colleagues. You can adapt better to the behaviour of your boss/colleague, consciously classify his/her actions and adapt your own behaviour to the respective situation in a meaningful way. Coaching offers a protected framework to work specifically on these topics. I would be happy to assist you with your request.

Employee Coaching

Would you like to offer your employees the opportunity to work on their personal issues and develop their full potential? It is often only small adjustment screws that can bring about big changes and help the development of the employee significantly. At the same time, the company manages to promote a motivated employee and thus to bind them to the company in the long term.

Corporate Culture

As a managing director or executive in a rapidly growing company, it is your responsibility to establish a healthy leadership and corporate culture. New hierarchical levels make communication more difficult, contact with the base suffers and results in distrust on the part of employees or even a lack of identification with the company? I have experienced this process myself and know what motivates employees and binds them to a company. I would be happy to be your sparring partner and accompany you through this process.

The right positioning in the team and company

The right positioning in the company can have a decisive influence on your career. It often makes sense to develop a strategy that aligns with your career goals. I would be happy to advise you.

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