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Career Coaching
As a Career Coach I support employees, freelancers and self-employed persons on all matters centered around
Profession & Career

What does Career mean to you?

That might be a difficult question to answer because your views on this subject might have changed during your working life.

Everybody goes through different phases in life and it is legitimate to ask yourself whether your objectives have changed over the years. Dogmas that we unconsciously identify with often hinder us from seeing our true wishes, desires and talents. It is difficult to admit that our chosen career path might not be the one that we wish to continue on for the rest of our working life.

Radical changes can be daunting and so people often simply squash their discontent over and over again. However this produces a feeling that there must be more to life...perhaps more time for "other" areas in your life, less pressure and responsibility, being acknowledged as a person with potential, or perhaps more success and recognition.

No matter how big the change is, small but steady steps in the right direction will bring you closer to your desired goals. I would be happy to support you on that mission.

An individual goal-oriented career

Regardless of whether you are just starting your career or are a professionally experienced person, I will assist you with the planning of your career development. To do this I focus on your own experiences, values and strengths, and thus enable you to define your own potential development. Through this procedure you become aware of your personal goals and will then be able to implement your next steps. 

Profession and Family

Nowadays gender equality plays a far more important role in a partnership with a view to profession and child-caring that it did say five years ago. But many firms are not as yet in a position to comply with these wishes. You, however, would like to promote your working status but at the same time also have adequate time to spend with your family. This is a balancing act which can put you under enormous pressure and stress. During coaching the right strategy for you personally is sought and clarified.


It is sometimes the case that the demands made on you by your employers don't coincide with your individual desires and life situation; you want a better work-life balance. Many people wish to reduce their professional commitments but stumble with the implementation. During coaching sessions a strategy is developed which is in accordance with your individual targets.


Maybe you are leaving your place of employment and have been offered an outplacement consultation with the aim of finding new, more suitable employment. The opportunities open to you will vary according to the phase of life you are at at the time. This is where I come in, helping you find the right path in this new phase of your life. 

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