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Executive coaching
In business coaching, I work with executives from all over the worldarchee levels on topics related to leadership, team and work organization.

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge."  Simon Sinek

Leadership is a simple word. And yet it represents a complex subject. At the end of the day, nothing frustrates and demotivates employees more than "poor" leadership. The consequences are visible in the performance of individuals, teams or even the entire company and can have serious consequences. Practicing "good leadership" should therefore be extremely important to every manager. But what exactly is "good leadership"? And how do you put it into practice?

If you are willing to look openly at yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, we can work out your individual leadership qualities together in a coaching session. Your personality determines your style and authenticity. Your behavior when dealing with your employees is derived from this and this is the decisive factor in whether you manage to make them trust you and make them feel recognized and encouraged. Because "good" leadership has from the point of view of those being leda lot to do with "wanting to follow" and you have to earn this "wanting" as a manager. 

Would you like to work on your leadership style and become even more aware of your strengths? In individual coaching, we work on your individual topics so that you can effectively implement the resulting recommendations for action.

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